From little acorns...

Keen to include my fast growing daughter on camping trips in my T4 van I pondered how to accommodate her without breaking the bank. A pop-top may be quite appealing but at well over £1000 it wasn't an option, plus my van is driven daily so I wanted a solution with minimal impact on the van. So the first cab bunk was made and my daughter loved it!

After using it a few times I found a few other people showed a keen interest and in time I was asked to make one for somebody else. I figured I had the right tools, I'd sorted out the design and so I purchased materials and made another bed. You can probably see where this is going but it wasn't long before I had more than one enquiry so I decided to make a batch of 5 beds as this reduced the materials cost per bed. Today I carry 7 or more colours of canvas in stock and produce for both the T25, T4 and T5 and Bongo vans as standard as well as custom sizes on demand.

Now based in Bristol (UK) all our beds are hand made to the customers specification and we endeavour to keep our overheads low so we can keep our prices low. Yes we could have them cheaply and poorly made in China and turn them out for more money but you don't want that and neither do we!

The feedback from our customers has been extremely rewarding and spurred continued product development as the messages of "Thanks, our son loves it!" etc remind us that our products are about making the most of your VW and enjoying time with your family!

David Norfolk,